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Grey and White Kenyan Sisal Floor Rug


Product Description

Evocative of a stormy Kenyan sky or rain-dappled waters, this grey and white floor mat are woven from dip-dyed and tie-dyed sisal using a handloom. Perfect for making your hallway, kitchen or bedroom unique and stylish. These sisal mats are labour intensive and can take up to four days to finish. Sisal is a robust grass that grows wild in Kenya, and it’s often used for producing rope. Once picked, its leaves are split, rolled and dyed by hand before being worked through the loom to create a fine, flat weave that feels lovely underfoot.


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  • Material: Sisal Grass
  • Dimensions (Size): 130cm x 180cm
  • Colour:  Grey and White
  • Hand Woven in Kenya
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