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Handmade Cashmere Baby Booties


Product Description

Luxury handmade in the UK cashmere baby booties. These recycled cashmere booties are made from pre-loved cashmere clothing and are  re-purposed  into these cute booties for your little ones.  The booties  stand out with their colourful linings and soles, something parents and babies alike will love. Ideal for babies from newborn to 6 months old.

By selecting a preferred colour from the drop menu you will be selecting the main colour of the bootie but its not possible to choose an exact match or shade. The bootie you will receive will be within that colour range which is selected by us.


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  • Colour: Colours will vary – image shown are for display purposes only
  • Material: Recycled Cashmere
  • For babies 0-7months old
  • Handmade in the UK

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