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Kenyan Kiondo Knitted Handwoven Bags


Product Description


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These unique kiondo Kenyan  basket bags are made in Kenya using a mix of local Sisal grass and upcycled jumpers. Known as the ‘Nifty Knits’ baskets  the jumpers are bought from local second hand clothes markets near to weaving cooperatives in eastern Kenya. The Kiondo baskets are unique but generally colourful and the wool is woven around a central structure of twisted Sisal grass.

The kiondo baskets are known to have generally been woven by mothers for their daughters as wedding gifts, these extraordinary African baskets can take up to six days to complete

Baskets generally have their own unique design , giving the artist full artistic licence to create their own magic. Its not possible to select a specific basket when ordering as you will receive a unique basket selected from what’s in stock.

Picture of the baskets are for display only

Approx size:40×30 cm

Leather strap: approx 29 cm



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