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Recycled Plastic Bottle Navy Provence Floor Rug


Product Description

The Recycled Plastic Bottle Navy Provence Floor Rug is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, these clever rugs can be used inside or outdoors thanks to their easy to clean, water and stain-resistant nature. All our rugs are machine washable so no need to worry about spilt red wine or muddy shoes. Our Provence rugs offer a small scale geometric design that is easy to live with and soft underfoot. They are hand-loomed by skilled craftsmen and women using recycled plastic yarn. The result is a hard-wearing, child and pet-friendly rug that is easy to clean, mould resistant and immune to textile moths and dust mites. The softer weave  Provence rugs are a looser open weave product, lending them to age like a wool product and piling and slight snagging can occur in higher traffic areas. If you’re planning on using one of our rugs on a stone or wooden floor, we recommend purchasing a non-slip rug underlay.


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  • Style: Provence
  • Design Pattern: Geometric design based on Scandinavian patterns
  • Material: Made of 100 % recycled plastic bottles
  • Dimensions: 110cm x 60cm
  • Colour: Navy



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